8 Tips to Successfully Sell Your Home For More 

When it’s time to sell your home, the process can feel daunting. Sure, the housing inventory in the U.S. is currently at an all-time low and it’s not hard to find buyers. But, there’s still a lot that goes into prepping your home if you want to sell it at the best possible price. While you might have heard all the horror stories about homes being on the market and sold below the asking, preparing it to be listed is actually pretty straightforward as long as you put in some planning into the operation. Here are 8 tips to help you successfully sell your home for more than you purchased it.

Tip 1: Treat your home like your mother-in-law is coming for a visit.

A potential buyer will pick apart your home, so it’s best to treat it as if your mother-in-law will be digging through every corner of your home, you don’t want her to come across anything you would need to justify or explain. 

Tip 2: Starting with detailed cleaning will get you farther.

If you want to sell your home fast in under 30 days and can only complete one thing, focus on detailed cleaning and minor repairs. Before you begin showing, know that these will most likely be requested by the buyer in terms of a contract so it is best to get ahead. Cleaning carpets, kitchen appliances, high dusting, and windexing mirrors and windows will lead to fewer distractions during showings and increase the home value.

Tip 3: Make your home more digestible for a wider audience.

It is important to consider that while you may be a fan of the way your home looks at the moment, successful re-selling will happen when potential buyers can picture themselves living in your home. Versatility will help you capture a wider breadth of potential buyers who won’t be subconsciously turned off by differing style tastes. Consider how your home comes across to a wide variety of people in the split second a potential buyer skims through your photos or when they’re touring the actual space.

Tip 4: Erase signs of messy human life.

Very few people want to think about who lived in their home prior, unless it’s a celebrity, especially if they don’t desire the lifestyle. Hiding personal paraphernalia that makes the space seem cluttered will also boost the potential of a sale. Are they focused on the layout of the room and the unique architecture? Or are they too distracted by the pile of sports gear in the corner and a strong urge to tidy up? Go for minimal decor to let the buyer begin to create the image of their life. The less evidence of messy human life, the more success your home will see.

Woman Cleaning

Tip 5: Get a storage unit.

To get the biggest potential of selling your home fast, move personal effects that you already packed up per tip 4, to a storage unit. Not only does this help you remove the max amount of clutter, but then you’re already halfway to moving into your next home.

Tip 6: Use your resources to maximize your home sale success.

How do you know your home is ready to be sold? Browse through listing sites such as RealtyHop for inspiration to see how homes in your desired price point or neighborhood are presented. Listing your home for sale requires a lot of preparation and strategic thought to make sure it is comparable or better to its competition.

Tip 7: Paint with the color of success (and not just on your walls).

One of the biggest ways to get your best bang for your buck when getting ready to sell your house is to focus on paint. White walls are almost always the safest and most successful choice for a paint color. Not only does this provide a blank slate for the prospective buyer to plan their decor, but it also makes the space appear well-lit and more expansive. Darker hues darken the area and make the space feel more cramped. Certain patterns and hues create concern for the buyer as to when they will have to repaint and what the cost would be, not to mention also dating the home. Also evaluate other opportunities for painting such as the front door or window trim. Popular colors are black, white, dark blue, and eye-catching hot-rod red.  Just make sure it doesn’t obnoxiously stand out in the neighborhood. Lastly, make sure no matter what you get painted that it’s a good quality paint job with neat edges and no caking. 

Tip 8: Keep in mind a buyer’s post-sale concerns.

Also keep in mind anything that may have a lasting impact for the buyer after the sale. Are there major issues with plumbing, insulation, or the structure of the home? Evidence of pets means potential allergens, necessary cosmetic touch-ups, and potential for attracting pests due to spilled food. The same rule applies to young children who are present in your home.  Air fresheners to remove any moldy, cigarette smoke or offensive odors that could stick around are also beneficial. The less they have to worry about post-sale, the more likely they are to buy.

To bottom-line preparing your home for sale: selling your home can be fast and easy as long as you dedicate time and strategic planning to the best presentation possible before it hits the market. The more people it appeals to, the better chance your home has at selling fast and for a good price.