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All Property Records in One Place

Rather than searching through multiple government websites and complicated data systems, RealtyHop organizes all property records data in the same organized platform.

Comprehensive Information for Every Search

RealtyHop has the most information of any property records database. Search dozens of different types of data including transactions, ownership information, building and unit level stats, detailed photos, descriptions, and map locations. You can even search by individual, organization name, or property address.

Property Records for Investors

Discover great investment opportunities with RealtyHop. Our property records database includes ownership information, property history by address, city government data, assessment data, updated maps, and proprietary listing info. Our real-time database also calculates cap rates and other investment information so you can make the best possible investment.

Property Records for Home Buyers

Are you planning to purchase a home or condo? RealtyHop is the easiest way for homebuyers to research properties to make a sound financial decision. Our service compiles all property records data in one place. Information includes: city government data, assessment data, past transactions, tax information, and proprietary listing information.
Some examples of what you can find on RealtyHop: How much have comparable homes sold for in the area? Who has previously owned the property? What other properties has my agent or broker sold in the past, and for what premium or discount to listing price? What is the investment potential of the property given current rent prices? And thousands more. There’s a wealth of information to explore on RealtyHop!

Property Records for Brokers and Agents

Brokers and agents can use RealtyHop to check residential neighborhood comparables, or floorplan by floorplan comparables within buildings. Other features include the ability to explore comparables across agents and brokers, and the discount or premium that a listing sold for given its listing price.
RealtyHop reports include detailed property characteristics, recent sales transactions by name, organization or address, property tax records, and investment opportunity stats. Brokers and agents can also view how prices have changed across neighborhoods or even city blocks over time.