Market Trends & ResearchThe Most Expensive U.S. Zip Codes in 2022

The Most Expensive U.S. Zip Codes in 2022

In our third annual Most Expensive Zip Codes Report, the RealtyHop team pulled every real estate listing advertised in the United States so far this year, 3.64 million of them, and sorted these properties by zip code. We then ranked these zips by median price, resulting in a list of the most expensive markets in the nation right now.

Key Findings

  • For the third year in a row, 94027 in Atherton, California, is the most expensive zip code in America, with a median price of $9,000,000, increasing 0.56% from $8,950,000 in 2021.
  • California has 59 of the most expensive zip codes, the most of any state.
  • Only thirteen states made our list, though two more than last year.
  • Los Angeles has the highest number of expensive zip codes per city, with seven, followed by NYC and Newport Beach, with six each.
  • 11931 in Bridgehampton, New York, and 02199 in Boston, Massachusetts, made their way into the top ten, replacing 90077 in Los Angeles, California, and 94301 in Palo Alto, California.
  • The expensive zip codes grew more expensive this year, with 60 zip codes now with a median price point of at least $2,500,000, compared to 47 in 2021.
  • The median price point out of the 100 most expensive zip codes is $2,749,500, an increase of 11.03% from $2,476,250 last year.

The 10 Most Expensive U.S. Zip Codes

The country’s most expensive zip codes reside in commonly expensive regions, like upscale California neighborhoods and towns with beach-front properties in Florida and New York.

In the most expensive zip code in the country, 94027 in Atherton, California, the median price point hits a startling $9,000,000. The second most expensive zip code, 11962 in Sagaponack, New York, is nestled in The Hamptons and boasts amenity-filled properties with acres of land. While the famous 90210 in Los Angeles metro places third with a median of $6,699,500.


13 states Have Zip Codes in Our Ranking, With More Than Half in California and New York

In 2022, the 100 most expensive zip codes reside in just 13 states, with 81% in New York and California.

California has 59 of the most expensive zip codes, New York with 21, and Massachusetts and New Jersey tie for third place, each with 3.

For the Third Year in a Row, Los Angeles is the Most Expensive City in the Country

Los Angeles has 7 of the country’s most expensive zip codes, while Newport Beach is close behind with 6 zips.

Yet again, Beverly Hills 90210 is the city’s most expensive zip code (3rd overall), with a median price of $6,699,500. Pacific Palisades 90272 is second, followed by Bel Air 90077.


The 5 Largest Price Increases In This Year’s Report

11930 in Amagansett, New York, saw the largest median price increase this year, climbing 39.46% to $4,250,000. 11765 in Mill Neck, New York, also witnessed a significant jump, rising 35.59% to a median price of $4,000,000.


This Most Expensive Zip Codes Report analyzed the most expensive zip codes in the United States using over 3.64 million for-sale listings drawn from the RealtyHop database during the period between January 1, 2022 and October 19, 2022. To produce the ranking, the median price for each zip code was calculated and sorted from most expensive to least.

The following building types were used to calculate median sales price: condo, co-op, house, multifamily, residential, townhouse, and triplex. Any listings classified purely as “land” were excluded from the study. Any listings with invalid zip codes, including single-building zips located in New York City, were also excluded.

For more information on our methodology, or to contact our data team, please email [email protected]

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