Market Trends & ResearchThe Most Expensive U.S. Zip Codes in 2021

The Most Expensive U.S. Zip Codes in 2021

In our second annual Most Expensive Zip Codes Report, we at RealtyHop pulled every real estate listing advertised in the United States so far this year, 2.79 million of them, and sorted these properties by zip code. We then ranked these zips by median price, resulting in a list of the most expensive markets in the nation right now.

Key Findings:

  • 94027 in Atherton, California is once again the most expensive zip code in the United States with a median price of $8,950,000, an increase from $8,650,000 in 2020.
  • The 100 most expensive zip codes are located in just 11 states.
  • Los Angeles has 8 of the nation’s 100 most expensive zips, the highest of any city. Both New York, NY and Newport Beach, CA are tied for second, each with 6 zip codes.
  • 47 zip codes have a median listing price of $2.5M or more.
  • By state, California has 63 of the 100 priciest zip codes, followed by New York with 20, and New Jersey with 5.
  • The most expensive zips became even more expensive this year. The median list price across the 100 cities in our report is $2,476,250, up from $2,312,000 in 2020.



The 10 Most Expensive U.S. Zip Codes

The most expensive zip codes in the United States are unsurprisingly located in already pricey regions of the country. Atherton’s 94027, the most expensive zip code at a median of $8,950,000, is an upscale community located in the heart of Silicon Valley.

The nation’s second most expensive, 33109’s Fisher Island, Florida is an exclusive enclave off the coast of Miami with only a few hundred households. This zip has an average per capita income of over $2M, and a median housing price this year of $6,400,000.

The zip code 11962 in Sagaponack (located in the Hamptons), is New York state’s most expensive zip code, and third priciest overall. Famous inhabitants of Sagaponack include Billy Joel, Lloyd Blankfein, Jimmy Fallon, Drew Barrymore, and others.

11 States Have Zip Codes in Our Ranking, With Vast Majority Located in California and New York

The nation’s 100 priciest zips are located in just 11 states, with 83% found within California and New York. (In fact, Fisher Island, FL was the only zip code outside of these two states to break the top 15 in our ranking.)

New Jersey was a distant third place with 5 zip codes and Connecticut fourth with 3 zip codes. 

Los Angeles is Again the Most Exclusive City in the Nation

Similar to last year, Los Angeles remains the most exclusive city in the country. LA commands 8 of the top 100 most expensive zip codes, while nearby Newport Beach, CA has another 6 zips.

Beverly Hills 90210 was LA’s top zip code (4th overall), followed by Bel Air 90077 (7th overall), and the Pacific Palisades 90272 (12th overall).

The 5 Largest Price Increases In This Year’s Report

While home prices across all areas rose relative to 2020 values, certain zip codes saw tremendous growth this year. The strongest of which was 11954 in Montauk, New York, up 33.62% to a median of $2,599,000, followed by 11975 in Wainscott, New York, which was up 28.68% to $2,995,000.


This Most Expensive Zip Codes Report analyzed the most expensive zip codes in the United States using over 2.79 million for-sale listings drawn from the RealtyHop database during the period between January 1, 2021 and October 20, 2021. To produce the ranking, the median price for each zip code was calculated and sorted from most expensive to least.

The following building types were used to calculate median sales price: condo, co-op, house, multifamily, residential, townhouse, and triplex. Any listings classified purely as “land” were excluded from the study. Any listings with invalid zip codes, including single building zips located in New York City, were also excluded.

For more information on our methodology, or to contact our data team, please email [email protected].

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