John Legend & Chrissy Teigen’s Purchase – the Brewster Carriage House in NoLIta

After selling their one-bedroom apartment in Brewster Carriage House, SoHo (Nolita) for $3,900,000 in October 2016, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are once again owners of the Nolita Penthouse since their recent purchase in May 2018. The transaction history of the penthouse reveals that it was originally closed at $8,625,000 by another buyer in February 2016 before it was put up on the market again for an asking price of $9,500,000. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen scooped the property for just $9,020,000.

Photo Attribution: Douglas Elliman


The spacious 2,610 square feet 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom penthouse at 374 Broome Street #PHA has gone through a major renovation before it was bought by the couple, with an additional 1,800 square foot terrace roof deck.

Lined with wrought iron buildings, cobblestone streets and designer boutique stores along the streets, Soho is not only a shopping area but also a desirable neighborhood for living in. There’s a rich history behind this neighborhood, known for its well-preserved 19th century contemporary and historical lofts and apartments as well as luxury condominiums that are the gems of this neighborhood. Moreover, just a walking distance away to New York University, Soho is definitely a good neighborhood choice for students and families alike.



Any other celebrities living in the area?
Recent Purchases In The Area
In recent news, just streets away, Zayn Malik bought an industrial-chic bachelor pad at 63 Greene Street #PHA on 13 March 2018 for $10,691,600. The gorgeous 4 bedrooms and 4 baths penthouse, which comes with a 1,000-square-foot terrace is just a couple blocks away from his ex-girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, whose penthouse is located at 10 Bond Street. It was also reported that the deal was closed right after his breakup went public although the recent news is hinting a possible rekindling of romance between the couple. According to records, the penthouse was on the market for over 2 years and its initial asking price was $12,950,000. Nevertheless, the property was sold above its last asking price of $10,500,000 in January 2018!

Heidi Klum also recently purchased a penthouse at 515 Broadway #6B on 27 February 2018. The apartment doesn’t come with any bedrooms, kitchen, or bathrooms as it used to be an artist’s studio and it definitely needed some renovations. However, it comes with a generous 4,700 square feet of space. The house was first on the market for an initial asking price of $6,250,000 in June 2015 and it was closed for $1,150,000 less at $5,100,000.

Known for owning a number of homes in Indiana, Musician John Mellencamp purchased the 2 bedrooms and 2 baths loft at 66 Grand Street #1 for $2,300,000 on 9 January 2018. The property hit the market for an asking price of $3,150,000 in 2015, followed by a relisting for $2,750,000 in June 2016. In conclusion, John Mellencamp got a pretty good deal on the apartment!


Recent Sales In The Area
On 25 April 2018, Mike Myers sold his 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths 72 Mercer Street #PHW penthouse for $13,950,000. It was apparently on the market for an asking price of $17,000,000 in 2015 before lowering to $14,000,000 and finally sold for $13,200,000. News has it that Mike Myers tossed in another unit for a higher asking price of $21,500,000 for a period of time in 2015 to sweeten the deal for buyers. Nevertheless, Mike Myers profited significantly from his initial purchase of the duplex in 2007 for $7,984,440.

Singer-songwriter Justin Timberlake recently listed his 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths Soho Mews Penthouse at 311 West Broadway #PHA for sale for $7,995,000, about 14 weeks ago. He reportedly paid $6,567,710 in 2010. American actress Jessica Chastain and hotelier Vikram Chatwal are among the well-known residents in the same building. The decision behind his sale may be most likely due to him wanting to move to a bigger Tribeca penthouse.

Within the Soho neighborhood, John Mayer has also listed his beautiful 225 Lafayette Street #12 Nolita pad for $4,350,000, which has been on the market for about 13 weeks now. Record also shows that he initially picked up this apartment for a much lower price for $2,377,610 in 2005. The building used to also host celebrities such as Dakota Fanning and Tyra Banks in the past.