Tips & AdviceCalling all Home Sellers - Tips for Selling Your House this Spring

Calling all Home Sellers – Tips for Selling Your House this Spring


Calling all Home Sellers – Tips for Selling Your House This Spring

After a cold and dark winter season, many of us look forward to the signs of warmer weather. While that may include frequent visits to the park or outdoor dining at your favorite brunch spot, it also signifies the beginning of the house selling cycle.

Thanks to the temperate weather, selling a house in the spring is a common trend, as buyers can fully realize the space they have to work with and then quickly make home improvements if needed. Additionally, many buyers look to move in the warmer months since they can utilize their vacation time for the move and not worry about disrupting the school year if they have kids.

If you want to put your house on the market in the coming months, continue reading to learn about some home selling tips to make your property stand out.

2022 Market Trends

As we head into the busy season, it is essential to note that the country is experiencing a housing shortage. That may mean you can get more money for your property, as there is a lower supply. With higher competition among buyers to lock down the home of their dreams, you can receive multiple offers and potentially witness a bidding war.

However, it does not mean that you could cut corners when preparing your house for selling. While the housing market remains competitive, higher mortgage rates have helped cool the market off from the blazing hot level of activity it witnessed in 2021. Buyers have more options than they did a year ago and will still pass on your home should it not meet their standards.

We recommend getting your house to its best possible condition to ensure you receive the best sales price.

Get into the spirit of spring (or summer) cleaning

Everyone appreciates a clean and well-maintained home. Spend some time creating a list of all the spaces you regularly, and not so regularly, clean. You may go the cost-effective route and complete these tasks independently. Or, you can hire a professional cleaning service and get your house in excellent condition within a day or two.

Standard cleaning tasks you should complete include:

  • Decluttering your space. This is a great time to get rid of things you don’t want to take to your next home.
  • Tackling the bathrooms. Scrub down your surfaces, including the tub and shower, counter, toilet, etc
  • Cleaning your appliances. Since the kitchen is the focal point of most homes, you want to ensure everything in the room will photograph and show well. Clean everything out of places like the fridge and cabinets, and ensure you get into all the crevices inside and out.
  • Tend to windows and mirrors. Often forgotten, these surfaces are a hot spot for dust and dirt. You can make your cleaning solutions from supplies you likely have on hand.

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Make your house pop

Time to work on your curb appeal by investing in the physical landscaping outside of your home. One of the easiest ways to increase the value of your property is to spruce up the exterior by trimming bushes, planting shrubs and flowers, tending to the lawn, and filling in spotty grass patches. If you have additional features in your front yard, like a fence or stairs, consider repainting them so everything looks fresh.

You may consider putting a fresh coat of paint on the house and front door. While most people will prefer neutral, clean colors, there may be a benefit in making bold choices that compliment the house.

If you live in a metropolitan area without a front yard, you may have a garden area that you tend to. Clean up and tend to the garden before showing the unit. Additionally, if your building does not have a garden, but you are interested in creating one to showcase to prospective buyers, you can speak with your building about planting one.

For homes with a backyard, follow the same practices as you do for the front yard. If you have unique features like a deck, pool, or garden, this is where you can make them shine. Consider renting a power washer to clean your deck and sand and stain it. Clean your pool and open it up for the season, even if you don’t plan to swim in it. These aspects make your home unique and help you stand out against competing homes.

Bring the outdoors inside

As you get closer to the open houses and photography dates, you can bring in some natural greenery and flowers to attract buyers. You can replace your personal items like photographs and trinkets with plant life to help potential buyers envision themselves in the space.

Some common flowers people enjoy are tulips, lilies, and hydrangeas, as they do not have a strong scent and generally will not provoke allergies. If you are bringing flowers into your home, check to make sure they are not poisonous to any pets you have, and then keep up with their care and replace them if needed.

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Box up your winter wardrobe

If you live in an area with cold winters, you likely have a separate wardrobe comprised of bulky sweaters and thicker pants. Since these items take up more space in your closet, they make closet space appear smaller than it is. We recommend storing those clothes away so that a buyer can see the full possibilities of a closet.

To take it a step further, ensure that your current wardrobe hangs in a well-organized manner. If you have an abundance of boxes and shoes lying around in your closet, consider storing those away in another location to keep the space open.

Use the power of a fresh scent

We’ve all had the experience of visiting a friend or family member’s house with a specific scent. While most of the time, the associated smell is neither strong nor offputting, you want to get your home to as neutral of a scent as possible to ensure it does not distract potential buyers.

When the weather is nice, open all the windows and get a fresh breeze to flow through your home. At the time of a showing or open house, consider using wall plug-ins or other air fresheners that you do not have to light, as it’s best to avoid fire hazards with groups of people in the home. If you’re unsure of which scent to purchase, some generally well-received ones include:

  • Fresh laundry (usually has descriptive terms like cotton and linen),
  • Rain or freshwater,
  • And vanilla that is not too strong.

Hire a photographer

Most homebuyers browse online listings to find properties they would like to visit. When they land on your home’s listing, that is their first impression of the space, and you want to grab their attention from that initial contact. Hire a professional specializing in real estate photography to best showcase your space.

Real estate photographers help capture your entire space and display it in a welcoming light. If you’re working with a real estate agent, your agent might recommend virtual staging your home, which involves a professional photo editor placing furniture into the photos. Virtually staged photos help buyers visualize the space. These digital marketing tools are the key to your success, as homes with professional photos sell for more money and come off the market faster than homes without them.

Know your moving plan

Consider your moving timeline before you put your house on the market. If you plan on purchasing a new home, consider that timeline and make sure there is no projected gap in between when you will leave your current house and be able to live in the new one.

If you relinquish your ability to reside in your current home before your move-in date, create a backup plan to ensure your belongings are safe and you have a place to sleep. Will you be able to stay with someone, or will you need to book a hotel room?

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Final Thoughts

You can get your home ready for the busy selling season by cleaning, sprucing up, and then taking steps to showcase the features properly. While the above tips are for those looking to list their home in the warmer seasons, most advice applies year-round. Putting effort into and then maintaining the condition of your home during the selling process can help you raise the asking price and then receive higher offers. The work you put in now will appeal to buyers looking for beautiful homes, and you’ll sell before you know it!

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