Calling all Home Sellers – Tips for Selling Your House this Spring

It has been a cold, demoralizing, and manic winter. March is the beginning of the meteorological spring, and yet this year we have had four Nor’easter storms in the month of March. However, as April is around the corner and the weather starts warming up, it seems that spring is finally here. What does that mean? Well for a lot of us, it means spending our Saturday afternoon in the park, but for home sellers, it is time to get ready if you are planning to sell your house this spring! Let us start with these seven tips.


1. Of course, always start with spring cleaning.

Do not let a musty house ruin your home selling experience. In addition to wiping down the inside of the windows, make sure you also take care of the outside. Shining windows definitely makes your property more appealing to potential buyers. If you have a patio or a big yard, be sure to clean the outdoor furniture, too!


2. Make your house “pop”!

The best way to increase the value of your property is to invest in the landscape.  Trim back bushes, plant some colorful flowers in the yard, and if possible, repaint the fence (if you have one). You might also want to repaint your door – neutral colors usually work the best, but it does not hurt to go bold and try a color that pops – light green, light yellow, and red, etc. – as long as it goes well with the house!


3. Flowers work indoors, too.

Aside from growing beautiful flowers in the yard, as a home seller, you should also decorate your house with flowers. Flowers naturally attract people (well, most people), and on top of that, they represent health, bounty, spring-like weather, and sensuality.  Tulips, Lilies, and Hydrangea are all great options, as they don’t have a strong scent, and they are allergy-friendly to most people (as we all know, allergic reactions can ruin a potential deal, for sure).


4. Box up your winter wardrobe.

Winter clothes not only physically take up a lot of space (think about all the sweaters and thick pants…), they also make your closet look smaller than it actually is. Box up your winter clothes and organize your spring and summer wardrobe in a nice and simple way, such as color coding your closet.


5. Deodorize. Deodorize. Deodorize.

When you live in a house for a long time, you become accustomed to the smell and unaware of the odor. However, other people who have never lived in the house definitely do not feel the same. The last thing you would want is to drive a potential buyer away because your house smells like pizza, dogs, and perfumes that had gone bad years ago. The key here is to make sure that your house smells fresh and clean!


6. Map out your move.

As you are getting your house ready for the market, other sellers are also doing the same thing. However, that does not mean that you can easily find your next home. With interest rates on the rise and the housing supply scarce, buying a house is becoming more expensive and time-consuming. You might even find yourself “homeless” if you cannot secure your next home in time. It is, therefore, fundamental that you map out your move and have a realistic timeline before putting your house on the market.


7. Hire a photographer.

According to, more than 90% of home buyers use the Internet as part of their home search. Listing photo, therefore, are key to the success. Hire a professional photographer and differentiate your listing from other ones in the market. Oh, and in case you didn’t know – homes with professional photos not only sell for more money, but they also sell quicker!



In addition to the tips above, it is also imperative that you grasp the housing market trends as a home seller. Take a moment to read our 2018 Market Trends before setting out on your journey!