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221 Wilson Road

221 Wilson Road, Wadsworth, OH 44281
Property in Wadsworth
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221 Wilson Road has been categorized by the local assessors in Wadsworth, OH as a residential type of property. The building on the property was first built in 1987 and is 37 years old. The home has a total of 7 rooms. 3 of these rooms are legally considered as bedrooms. Residents will have access to 2 full bathrooms. There are 3 partial bathrooms in the home. The building has a total of 2 stories. In addition, 221 Wilson Road has 2,374 sqft of living area. The living area typically only takes into consideration the heated or air conditioned part of the building. Those looking for additional storage or space will be happy to hear that there is a full basement that is 1,340 sqft. Please note, that typically the basement, garage, and or porch square footage is not included in the calculations of the living area square footage. The area measurement of the land has been determined as 335,412 square feet.

Want to learn more? We've sourced additional information from the local assessor's office that we've shared on this page with you. For the features and amenities located on the property. There is a garage for those who require parking. The garage measured 440 sqft. According to our sources, there are a total of 2 available parking spaces. Residents will have the luxury of enjoying a open porch. Love to swim? You'll be excited to find out that there is a above ground pool on the property. Moving on to the building itself. The condition of the building has been evaluated as average. Along the lines of building condition, did you know that weather changes can cause buildings to move? It may sound alarming, but thats why the type of control joints used in the construction of your home is extremely important. Architects often have to plan these out well in advance to ensure the longevity of the building. Therefore, as part of your consideration, you should note that the home was built with wood control joints. The exterior walls of the building are made of unknown. The inside of the home is being cooled with central air conditioning at the moment. In terms of heating, it is utilizing a forced air unit and being fueled with gas. Finally, the property is currently sourcing its water from a well system. The property is connected to a septic system and not a municipal sewage system. The homeowner of this property will need to handle their own water disposal. Here at RealtyHop, we've focused a lot of our efforts into gathering up-to-date and accurate data for our users. Based on our sources, 221 Wilson Road was last sold in Jun 29, 2021 for $360,000. According to our calculations, that's $151.64 per sqft. Prior to that sales transaction, the property was sold for $265,000 in Jul 28, 2016. Current property owners are expected to pay $5,363 in taxes per year. The property on 221 Wilson Road was last assessed in 2022. As a result of that assessment, the total value of the property was placed at $122,500. To break that down further, the land itself was valued at $56,800. While improvements to the property were assessed at a total of $65,700. Based on our records, the total assessed value for this property has been marked as less than the total market value as of this moment. Which is great for tax purposes. The process of purchasing a home may seem daunting and challenging for many first-time prospective homebuyers. No worries! We've broken down the overall homebuying process into detailed steps and have also included a breakdown on the general amount of time you'll need for each step you have to take. For example, most people don't know that the most important first step of any home buying process is to get pre-approved for a mortgage! With a few months of hard work, you will soon be the proud owner of your property and home.This property is not listed for sale at this point in time but RealtyHop is constantly updating our inventory of available sales listings in real time. Don't want to miss out on this property? You can save the listing to your favorites by signing up for a RealtyHop account or you can check back frequently for updates.

This property description is generated based on publicly available data.

1 Past Sales

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Building Info



  • Year Built: 1987
  • Effective Year Built: 1987
  • Total Rooms: 7
  • Bedroom Count: 3
  • Bathroom Count: 3
  • Full Bathrooms: 2
  • Partial Bathrooms: 3
  • Building Condition: Average
  • Construction Type: Wood
  • Floor Count: 2
  • Basement Type: Full basement
  • Basement Area: 1,340
  • Garage Type: Garage
  • Garage Square Area: 440
  • Parking Space Count: 2
  • Porch Type: Open porch
  • Pool Type: Above ground pool


  • Lot Size Square Feet: 335,412
  • Total Building Area: 2,374
  • Building Area: 2,374
  • Building Area Measurement: Living Area

    Heating and Cooling

  • Air Conditioning: Central air conditioning
  • Heating: Forced air unit
  • Heated Square Feet: 2,374
  • Heating Fuel Type: Gas


  • Sewer System: Septic
  • Water Service: Well


  • Property Class: Residential
  • Land Acres: 7.7
  • Standard Land Use Code: Single family residential
  • County Land Use Code: Vehicles general
  • Legal Description 1: LOT 87 N PT SUNNY SIDE 7.700A


  • Current Owner : KLEIN CHADWICK D
  • Current Owner 2: KLEIN RACHAEL
  • Previous Owner : FALKENBERG BENJAMIN W
  • Previous Owner 2: FALKENBERG TONYA
  • Owner Before Previous Owner: WYATT MIKE A
  • Owner Before Previous Owner 2: WYATT ETHEL F
  • Is Owner Occupied: Owner-occupied property


  • School District Name: Wadsworth City School District
  • School Tax School District: 5207
  • Census Tract: 417100


  • Parcel: 038-17B-26-030
  • Lot: 87
  • Municipality: WADSWORTH TWP WCSD
  • Latitude: 41.0289
  • Longitude: -81.6984


  • Full Address: 221 Wilson Rd
  • Address - House Number: 221
  • Address - Street Name: Wilson
  • Address - Suffix Type: Rd
  • State: OH
  • City Name: Wadsworth
  • Carrier Code: R011
  • 4-Digit Zip Code: 8607
  • Zip Code: 44281



  • Tax Year: 2022
  • Tax Amount: $5,363
  • Tax Rate Code Area: 038

    Appraisal Valuation

  • Standard Deviation: 0.1545
  • Valuation Date: May 10, 2023
  • Confidence Score: 81
  • Final Value: 403,745
  • High Value: 466,124
  • Low Value: 341,366

    Open Liens

  • Total Open Liens: 1
  • Total Open Liens Amount: $353,479
  • First Open Lien Mortgage Lender: CROSSCOUNTRY MORTGAGE LLC
  • First Open Lien Mortgage Recording Date: Jul 01, 2021
  • First Open Lien Mortgage Loan Amount: $353,479
  • First Open Lien Mortgage Term: 360
  • First Open Lien Mortgage Position: 1
  • First Open Lien Mortgage Loan Type: FHA
  • First Open Lien Mortgage Loan Due Date: Jul 01, 2051

    Market Valuation

  • Market Total Value: $350,000
  • Market Land Value: $162,280
  • Market Improvement Value: $187,720

    Assessments Valuation

  • Assessed Year: 2022
  • Assessed Total Value: $122,500
  • Assessed Land Value: $56,800
  • Assessed Improvements Value: $65,700


  • Current Sale Contract Date: Jun 29, 2021
  • Current Sale Recording Date: Jul 01, 2021
  • Current Sale Transaction ID: 11846235443
  • Current Sale Price: $360,000
  • Current Sale Document Type: Warranty Deed
  • Current Sale Input Document Number: 2021OR019434
  • Previous Sale Recording Date: Jul 29, 2016
  • Previous Sale Contract Date: Jul 28, 2016
  • Previous Sale Amount: $265,000
  • Previous Sale Document Type: Warranty Deed

    Last Sale Mortgage

  • First Mortgage Lender: CROSSCOUNTRY MORTGAGE LLC
  • First Mortgage Transaction Date: Jul 01, 2021
  • First Mortgage Loan Amount: $353,479
  • First Mortgage Terms: 360
  • First Mortgage Loan Type: FHA
  • First Mortgage Loan Due Date: Jul 01, 2051

    Previous Mortgages

  • Previous Mortgage Lender: HOWARD HANNA MORTGAGE SERVICES
  • Previous Mortgage Transaction Date: Jul 29, 2016
  • Previous Mortgage Loan Amount: $251,750
  • Previous Mortgage Term: 360
  • Previous Mortgage Loan Type: New Conventional
  • Previous Mortgage Loan Due Date: Aug 01, 2046

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What neighborhood is 221 Wilson Road located in?
The 221 Wilson Road is a located in the neighborhood of Wadsworth in Medina, Wadsworth.
What is the average sales price for listings in 221 Wilson Road?
The average sales price for units in 221 Wilson Road is $0 currently.