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145 Green Valley Drive

145 Green Valley Drive, Howard, OH 43028
Property in Howard
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0 Grand Ridge Rd, Howard, OH 43028 Listing by Angel Gamble

Local assessors in Howard, OH have categorized 145 Green Valley Drive as a residential type of property. The home was built in 1988 and is 36 years old. The property's lot size has been calculated to be 12,066 square feet. The linear feet between the front and back of the lot was measured at 1,510 ft and the front of the lot was measured at 800 ft. Sharp-eyed aficionados of architecture will notice that the home on the property was built in a contemporary style. Now, let's dive a bit deeper into the details surrounding the home on the property. There are 7 rooms in the home. Of these, 3 have been legally categorized as bedrooms. For more details, please view your local government regulations on what counts as a legal bedroom. As for the restroom situation, there are 3 full bathrooms. There are also 3 partial bathrooms. This is a 2 story home so residents will need to have climb at least one set of stairs on a daily basis. If we look only at the heated or air conditioned part of the building, then 145 Green Valley Drive has a total of 1,546 sqft of living area. Note that this number does not include the square footage of the garage, basement, and/or porch into its calculations. There is a full basement that is 744 sqft. Perfect for those looking for additional storage or living space such as a recreational room, additional bedroom, etc.

Curious to learn more about the home? Our team of data engineers have sourced the most up-to-date information from the local assessors office to share with you. Additional features on the property are as follows. There is a attached garage for those who need a place to park their vehicle. The garage on the property is 506 sqft. There are 2 available parking spaces so it's a great situation for those with more than one car. Do you like to entertain? The home has both a open porch and a patio so you'll have great options in both the front and back of the home. Moving onto specific details regarding the building. Our sources show that the building condition is good. It might sound scary but did you know that buildings can move depending on the weather? Both hot and cold weather can have severe impact on the longevity of your home structure depending on how much your home moves. Hence why architects pay a lot of attention to the type of control joints used in the construction process. Just so you know, this home was built with frame control joints. Lots of wood were used in the construction of the exterior walls of the home. Residents rely on an air conditioning type we are unsure of for their cooling system. The home's a forced air unit is the primary heating source. There is a single fireplace in the home which may result in additional cleaning fees for the homeowner. The property was last sold in Apr 11, 2016 for $508,500. That's $328.91 per sqft. Prior to that sales transaction, the property was also sold in Dec 31, 2007 for $292,500. 145 Green Valley Drive was last assessed in 2022. The total value of the property was assessed at $203,470. Specifically, the land the property is located on was valued at $119,010. While improvements on the property were assessed at a total of $84,460. The total assessed value for this property is less than the total market value as of this moment. Which is great for tax purposes. The total amount of taxes due from a property owner is $9,606. Looking to take out a mortage loan? You may want to consider a conventional loan, which is considered one of the most common type of loans on the market. We'll cover the two different types of conventional loans (aka conforming and non-conforming), the pros and cons, and how they could benefit you compared to a FHA or specialty loan. Read more about conventional loans and how you can qualify for one. Unfortunately, this property is not currently listed for sale but our inventory of available properties is constantly updating in real time. Check back frequently for updates.

This property description is generated based on publicly available data.

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Building Info



  • Year Built: 1988
  • Effective Year Built: 1988
  • Total Rooms: 7
  • Bedroom Count: 3
  • Bathroom Count: 3
  • Full Bathrooms: 3
  • Partial Bathrooms: 3
  • Building Condition: Good
  • Construction Type: Frame
  • Building Style: Contemporary
  • Exterior Walls Type: Wood
  • Floor Count: 2
  • Basement Type: Full basement
  • Basement Area: 744
  • Garage Type: Attached
  • Garage Square Area: 506
  • Parking Space Count: 2
  • Patio Type: Patio
  • Porch Type: Open porch


  • Lot Size Square Feet: 12,066
  • Lot Size Depth Feet: 1,510
  • Lot Size Frontage Feet: 800
  • Total Building Area: 1,546
  • Building Area: 1,546
  • Building Area Measurement: Living Area

    Heating and Cooling

  • Fireplace Count: 1
  • Air Conditioning: Unsure
  • Heating: Forced air unit
  • Heated Square Feet: 1,546
  • Heating Fuel Type: unknown


  • Sewer System: unknown
  • Water Service: unknown


  • Property Class: Residential
  • Land Acres: 0.277
  • Standard Land Use Code: Single family residential
  • County Land Use Code: Vehicles general
  • Legal Description 1: GREEN VALLEY LOT #288


  • Current Owner : LEFKOWITZ MICHAEL S
  • Previous Owner : MICHEL NELSON LLC
  • Owner Before Previous Owner: FAIRCHILD PHYLLIS E
  • Ownership Rights Codes: Trustee/Conservator


  • School District Name: East Knox Local School District
  • School Tax School District: EAST KNOX LSD
  • Census Tract: 006801


  • District: 26
  • Parcel: 26-00288.000
  • Lot: 288
  • Municipality: HOWARD TWP-EAST KNOX A.V.-G.V
  • Latitude: 40.435
  • Longitude: -82.3502


  • Full Address: 145 Green Valley Dr
  • Address - House Number: 145
  • Address - Street Name: Green Valley
  • Address - Suffix Type: Dr
  • State: OH
  • City Name: Howard
  • Carrier Code: R005
  • 4-Digit Zip Code: 9519
  • Zip Code: 43028



  • Tax Year: 2022
  • Tax Amount: $9,606

    Appraisal Valuation

  • Standard Deviation: 0.2039
  • Valuation Date: Jul 05, 2023
  • Confidence Score: 72
  • Final Value: 898,451
  • High Value: 1,081,705
  • Low Value: 715,197

    Open Liens

  • Total Open Liens: 1
  • Total Open Liens Amount: $357,000
  • First Open Lien Mortgage Lender: UNION SAVINGS BANK
  • First Open Lien Mortgage Recording Date: Apr 12, 2016
  • First Open Lien Mortgage Loan Amount: $357,000
  • First Open Lien Mortgage Term: 180
  • First Open Lien Mortgage Position: 1
  • First Open Lien Mortgage Loan Type: New Conventional
  • First Open Lien Mortgage Loan Due Date: May 01, 2031

    Market Valuation

  • Market Total Value: $581,350
  • Market Land Value: $340,030
  • Market Improvement Value: $241,320

    Assessments Valuation

  • Assessed Year: 2022
  • Assessed Total Value: $203,470
  • Assessed Land Value: $119,010
  • Assessed Improvements Value: $84,460


  • Current Sale Contract Date: Apr 11, 2016
  • Current Sale Recording Date: Apr 12, 2016
  • Current Sale Transaction ID: 1534458350
  • Current Sale Price: $508,500
  • Current Sale Document Type: Warranty Deed
  • Current Sale Input Document Number: 2016-00002637
  • Previous Sale Recording Date: Jan 03, 2008
  • Previous Sale Contract Date: Dec 31, 2007
  • Previous Sale Amount: $292,500
  • Previous Sale Document Type: Warranty Deed

    Last Sale Mortgage

  • First Mortgage Lender: UNION SAVINGS BANK
  • First Mortgage Transaction Date: Apr 12, 2016
  • First Mortgage Loan Amount: $357,000
  • First Mortgage Terms: 180
  • First Mortgage Loan Type: New Conventional
  • First Mortgage Loan Due Date: May 01, 2031

    Previous Mortgages

  • Previous Mortgage Lender: JPMORGAN CHASE BANK NA
  • Previous Mortgage Transaction Date: Jan 03, 2008
  • Previous Mortgage Loan Amount: $312,000
  • Previous Mortgage Term: 360
  • Previous Mortgage Loan Type: New Conventional
  • Previous Mortgage Loan Due Date: Jan 01, 2038

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What neighborhood is 145 Green Valley Drive located in?
The 145 Green Valley Drive is a located in the neighborhood of Howard in Apple Valley, Howard.
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The average sales price for units in 145 Green Valley Drive is $0 currently.