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At Ahead of the Curve Homes, we move to the heartbeat of our community. We're longtime residents of the communities we serve, parents with exhaustive knowledge of the local schools, and ardent supporters of the region's exceptional cultural significance and artistic allure. Our experience strongly positions us to share a wealth of knowledge, but it's our enthusiasm--the heart and soul of our service--that we're most thrilled to impart to you. We specialize in Baldwin Hills, View Park, Culver City, Mar Vista, Santa Monica, and the greater Westside. However, our main focus is on you. You can rely on our 30-plus years of combined experience to help you assess and prioritize your needs and achieve your goals. The result is that we build lasting and rewarding relationships. We're professional but humble, efficient but relaxed, consistent but vibrant. For the trusted advisory and fundamental resources you seek, you need only look Ahead of the Curve. Testimonials Our Team Page
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4 Years
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Top Neighborhoods
Flatlands, Hudson Heights, Flatiron District, Rose Hill
Townhouses, Coops
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2 Bed
2 Bath
Theater District
1 Bed
1 Bath
700 Sqft
Hamilton Heights
8 Bed
4 Bath
3,492 Sqft
New Lots
7 Bed
5 Bath
3,120 Sqft
Rose Hill
1 Bed
1 Bath
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Jimmy Brett
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