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36 Stony Road

36 Stony Road, Edison, NJ 08817
Property in Middlesex
Sold Apr 03, 2023
Local assessors in Edison, NJ have categorized 36 Stony Road as a residential type of property. The home was built in 1955 and is 69 years old. The property's lot size has been calculated to be 8,820 square feet. The linear feet between the front and back of the lot was measured at 1,470 ft and the front of the lot was measured at 600 ft. This is a 2 story home so residents will need to have climb at least one set of stairs on a daily basis. If we look only at the heated or air conditioned part of the building, then 36 Stony Road has a total of 1,320 sqft of living area. Note that this number does not include the square footage of the garage, basement, and/or porch into its calculations.

Curious to learn more about the home? Our team of data engineers have sourced the most up-to-date information from the local assessors office to share with you. Additional features on the property are as follows. There is a garage for those who need a place to park their vehicle. There is only one available parking space, so if you need more, you may need to find some alternatives. It might sound scary but did you know that buildings can move depending on the weather? Both hot and cold weather can have severe impact on the longevity of your home structure depending on how much your home moves. Hence why architects pay a lot of attention to the type of control joints used in the construction process. Just so you know, this home was built with frame control joints. We've gathered and summarized the following transaction history in an effort to provide more transparency and up-to-date information for our users. According to our sources, 36 Stony Road sold most recently in Mar 20, 2023 for a total of $429,000. If you work out the math, that's approximately a cost of $325.00 per sqft. There could be many factors that caused the property to sell at a higher price and increase in value. Tax-wise, the current owner is expected to pay close to $7,605 in taxes each year. 36 Stony Road was most recently assessed in 2023. During this assessment, the property's total value was estimated to be about $128,400. If we break it down further, the land itself was valued at $78,100. Improvements to the property, however, were assessed at a total of $50,300. The property's total market value has been marked the same as the total assessed value which is pretty typical. Remember, the purchasing price for your future home is not the costs you'll incur during the purchasing process. That's why it's important to save as much as possible and presumbly above the 20% minimum you may need to put down as down payment. You will want these additional savings to cover closing costs such as attorney fees, homeowner's insurance, title search fees, origination fees, and more. Thankfully, sellers may sometimes offer to cover certain costs as seller concessions to the buyer. Just keep in mind that sellers have their own fees to pay as well.Sadly, this property is not available for sale but we are constantly updating our inventory in real time. Sign up for a RealtyHop account and add this property to your favorites to get updates on when this property is back on the market. Or alternatively, you can check back frequently for updates.

Building Features


Garage Parking
Attached Garage
This property description is generated based on publicly available data.

Building Info



  • Year Built: 1955
  • Effective Year Built: 1955
  • Bedroom Count: 0
  • Construction Type: Frame
  • Floor Count: 2
  • Living Units: 1
  • Basement Area: 0
  • Garage Type: Garage
  • Parking Space Count: 1


  • Lot Size Square Feet: 8,820
  • Lot Size Depth Feet: 1,470
  • Lot Size Frontage Feet: 600
  • Total Building Area: 1,320
  • Building Area: 1,320
  • Building Area Measurement: Living Area

    Heating and Cooling

  • Air Conditioning: unknown
  • Heating: unknown
  • Heated Square Feet: 1,320
  • Heating Fuel Type: unknown


  • Sewer System: unknown
  • Water Service: unknown


  • Property Class: Residential
  • Land Acres: 0.202
  • Standard Land Use Code: Single family residential


  • Current Owner : NIAN CI AN INC
  • Previous Owner : CATALINA ROSEMARIE
  • Ownership Rights Codes: Company/Corporation
  • Current Owner Is a Corporation Indicator: Yes


  • School District Name: Edison Township School District
  • Census Tract: 001702


  • Zoning: RB


  • Assessors Map Reference: TAX MAP 30
  • Account Number: 00026465
  • District: 05
  • Parcel: 05 01141-0000-00030
  • Block: 1141
  • Lot: 30
  • Municipality: EDISON TWP
  • Latitude: 40.5142
  • Longitude: -74.3977


  • Full Address: 36 Stony Rd
  • Address - House Number: 36
  • Address - Street Name: Stony
  • Address - Suffix Type: Rd
  • State: NJ
  • City Name: Edison
  • Carrier Code: C014
  • 4-Digit Zip Code: 3722
  • Zip Code: 08817



  • Tax Year: 2022
  • Tax Amount: $7,605

    Appraisal Valuation

  • Standard Deviation: 0.189
  • Valuation Date: Apr 03, 2024
  • Confidence Score: 75
  • Final Value: 493,794
  • High Value: 587,168
  • Low Value: 400,420

    Market Valuation

  • Market Total Value: $128,400
  • Market Land Value: $78,100
  • Market Improvement Value: $50,300

    Assessments Valuation

  • Assessed Year: 2023
  • Assessed Total Value: $128,400
  • Assessed Land Value: $78,100
  • Assessed Improvements Value: $50,300


  • Current Sale Contract Date: Mar 20, 2023
  • Current Sale Recording Date: Apr 03, 2023
  • Current Sale Transaction ID: 11905009171
  • Current Sale Price: $429,000
  • Current Sale Document Type: Bargain and Sale Deed
  • Current Sale Input Document Number: 19436

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Frequently Asked Questions

What neighborhood is 36 Stony Road located in?
The 36 Stony Road is a located in the neighborhood of Middlesex in Middlesex, Edison.
What is the average sales price for listings in 36 Stony Road?
The average sales price for units in 36 Stony Road is $0 currently.