Tips & AdviceWhat is a Mother-Daughter House?

What is a Mother-Daughter House?

In a single-family home, a mother-daughter house is a house with two completely fitted flats. Flats sharing the main entryway is a fundamental aspect of a mother-daughter home. Many people rent out their mother-daughter houses to family members or the general public. Note that mother-daughter houses are fundamentally different from in-law apartments which do not share entrances and could even be considered multi-family housing. 

The advantages of acquiring this sort of home include having more space and facilities without paying the hefty taxes that come with a multi-family home. What’s the downside? You may need to charge more for the extra amenities. However, some tenants might not want those particular amenities. 

Finding a renter for this one-of-a-kind apartment is a little more difficult. However, you might be thrilled to learn that these types of houses can become valuable assets in the appropriate location.

How Mother-daughter Houses Can Be of Value?

Increases Property Value

The enhanced property value is one of the main advantages of mother-daughter houses. While taxation may be higher than with single-family homes, the increase in property value, possibilities, and perks associated with mother-daughter houses are nearly limitless.

The resale value of pre-designed mother-daughter residences is relatively high in today’s real estate market. These one-of-a-kind buildings allow prospective owners to utilize the space as a mother-daughter living arrangement or a rental unit to supplement their income.

Today’s consumers are particularly interested in mother-daughter residences. With so many baby boomers approaching retirement age, the mother-daughter relationship may be the deciding factor.

Helps You Save on Utilities

Mother-daughter residences share heating systems and plumbing. The existing plumbing, HVAC, and heating systems are extended to the area of the house that is being renovated or built on. Most homeowners only need to make minor adjustments to their existing amenities instead of purchasing a whole new HVAC system for a separate structure.

Also, though you share utilities, all residents can split charges among themselves. This will reduce the immediate financial burden. These unconventional homes are among the most efficient strategies to keep everyone’s living expenditures down.

Provide Seniors with In-Home Care

Geriatric care is becoming increasingly more costly following the adoption of outsourced services. In some cases, it is smarter to deliver in-home care, utilizing our most valuable resource—our families. Mother-daughter houses enable parents, grandparents, and other relatives to live in proximity. With tighter need living situations, younger family members may provide older ones with convenient and trustworthy care.

With mother-daughter extensions, you can have all of your family members living with you under one roof while still maintaining your independence. Whether you’re providing year-round care for family members or want to be immediately available, a mother-daughter house is an ideal option to save money without losing the quality of care.  

Assist Younger Family Members in Various Live Situations

Mother-daughter houses are not only great for elderly relatives, but they may also serve your children just as the name suggests. It’s pretty standard for new graduates to return to their parents’ nest after graduation. A divorce, job loss, or other situations that require a temporary housing solution can demand this sort of arrangement.

As an older parent, you may want to rent some room for your child, and mother-daughter homes are the best for this use. It is a fantastic option for households with young school leavers or college graduates as this arrangement can help them save money as they begin their careers. They’re ideal for younger people who want to save money by living with their extended family.

Make Money by Renting to Non-Family Members

Do you require additional funds for day-to-day operations or other expenses? Leasing out extra space might help you make the most of this type of home. You may turn your house into private quarters and hire them out to supplement your income.

Furthermore, some people choose not to reside in a traditional apartment building. Instead, they would want to live in a unique, desirable rental with other individuals.

Purchasing a Mother-Daughter Home

All real estate investors have their unique objectives. This implies that alternative investments like a mother-daughter house may be more profitable for some than for others. The location, demography, and probable functional usage of a mother-daughter house are essential variables in its profitability.

College Towns/Areas

College towns, as you might expect, are great places to buy a mother-daughter home. There aren’t a lot of circumstances in which a bunch of people who aren’t related would want to cohabit, and because most families share a kitchen, paying for more room isn’t usually worth it for renters.

If a circle of friends wants to live in a shared living space, they may also be prepared to splurge for more room and better privacy. However, due to some level of familiarity they have, they won’t mind the common entrance. College students are excellent occupants of a mother-daughter home for these reasons.

Big Families

This is a challenging demographic to nail down, but appealing to large families needing more room is another way to find tenants for an empty mother-daughter home. Because comfortably paying for rental properties in highbrow areas may be difficult, families will frequently keep together and share accommodation to save money.

If the median household earnings in the community you are purchasing in are below the average rental rates, there may be a market for this type of housing scenario.

Tourist Hotspot

If neither of the previous scenarios applies to the mother-daughter house you’re considering, there’s one last question to ask— “Is it in a vacation area?”

Because it can host big families or many families that want to vacation together, this sort of home makes a terrific Airbnb investment property. One kitchen isn’t always enough for large gatherings, and if visitors can spread out and become comfortable, they’ll gladly choose it over a traditional single-family home.

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