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Things about the neighborhood you should be aware of before buying a unit


When you’re looking to buy a place, you’re not just buying an apartment or a house. You’re kind of buying a neighborhood as well. What we mean by that is, no matter how much you fall in love with a home, there is always the neighborhood to consider as well. You don’t want to move to an area that’s secluded if that’s not what you want or move to an area that’s too trendy if that’s also something you don’t want. Doing some research on the neighborhood you’re looking to move to is just as important as doing research for potential new homes. Don’t let there be any surprises later on. These five things listed below are especially important to take into consideration when looking to buy a property.

1. Is it in close proximity to things that you count on daily?

Proximity is key. Is the new place close to work? School? Your kids’ kindergarten? What about parks and dog runs for your dog(s)? As much as you can fall in love with a place, it has to be located in an area that’s not inconvenient for your everyday tasks. If you’re fine with a longer commute to work, make sure you’ve found a place that’s still close to other things. It would be annoying having to travel far to get to the grocery store, public transportation, and other things that you rely on every day.

2. What’s the crime statistics?

Another thing you should be aware of when it comes to the neighborhood you’re looking to purchase a home in is the crime statistics. Are you willing to move to a neighborhood with higher crime statistics just to save some money? Always check the crime statistics of a neighborhood before considering purchasing a place there. You should also check the crime statistics in neighboring areas, just to have an idea of what the neighborhoods around you are like as well. You’re purchasing a place so you’ll be staying there for a while. Do your research to make sure you don’t end up in a neighborhood you do not like or feel comfortable in.

3. Is the neighborhood family friendly?

If you’re looking to buy a home for your family, or you’re looking to have kids in the future, one thing to look for is if the neighborhood is family friendly. Some of that entails the crime statistics. Other things to look for are good schools and daycares in the area. Also good parks and outdoor places for kids to play and spend time at. If you have a family, or are looking to expand your family in the near future, you would want a neighborhood that is safe, family friendly, and that your kids would love as well as you.

4. What’s the noise level like?

The noise level is another big one for people looking to buy a property. If you’re looking for a place in a hip, trendy area then you might not be bothered by the noise that comes from a bustling nightlife. But there are also other kinds of noise levels as well to take into consideration. Such as construction. Are you considering moving to a neighborhood that is currently undergoing a lot of construction? You might be waking up early then by the sound of hammers and drills. Figure out what kind of area it is first, before signing that contract.

5. Are you looking to sell your property in the near future?

Last but not least, are you looking to sell the property in the future? If you are, you might want to do some research on the market and the neighborhood itself. Do property sell well here? Do they go for more or less than the previous closing price? Are other people looking to move here? Is it an up and coming neighborhood, a popular neighborhood, or a neighborhood that’s losing its appeal? If you are looking to sell later on, these are things to consider, to make sure you are going to be gaining a profit when you’re ready to sell.


As you can see, there are more to it than just finding a home you like. You should also put some effort into checking out the neighborhood and if the neighborhood is one you can see yourself calling home. There are many other things you could be checking for when it comes to the neighborhood, but the five listed above is an absolute must before signing a contract for your new home.

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