Buying a Vacation Rental Property

  When many people think of a vacation property, they think of a nice place to spend time away from home and get some relaxation time or see a new place. However, for others, they


What is a 1031 Exchange – Part Two

Last time, we covered how a real estate investor can qualify for a 1031 exchange strategy in order to defer from any capital gains they gain from swapping their investment properties. Today, we’ll go more

October 3rd, 2018

Doo-Doo, the New Urban Crisis

We have all been there, enjoying a beautiful afternoon, maybe walking to meet some friends for dinner. Suddenly – SQUISH – uh-oh. In a split second, there is a rush of feelings: anger, sadness, embarrassment

September 29th, 2018

Ways to Win a Bidding War

Perhaps you have gone through this. Perhaps you have not. After months of searching and viewing properties, you finally found your dream house – large windows, hardwood floors, renovated kitchen, a big lawn – it

September 11th, 2018