Tips & Advice10 DIY Home Decor Ideas for the Fall Season 

10 DIY Home Decor Ideas for the Fall Season 


It’s that time of year again, the leaves are changing color and the weather is starting to get chilly. Time to get out the warm clothes and make sure the fireplace is ready. It’ll soon be the holidays, and that means shopping, cooking and guests. New York weather gets brutal in the winter causing New Yorkers to spend more time indoors and since the pandemic restricted many to their homes, this is a brief opportunity to change up one’s surroundings for the cold months ahead. 

If you’re looking for DIY home projects for the fall season, you’ve come to the right place! Read along for some great DIY fall updates for your home (in no particular order).

#1 – Add Shelves 

Adding shelves in strategic places in your home can completely change the look of a room. A unique shelf idea can also significantly transform any space, which is why corner shelves are a useful upgrade. Don’t forget to pick out a few distinctive pieces to feature on your new shelves. M Fried Store Fixtures in Brooklyn has some interesting ideas, at 110 Beard Street. 

#2 – Stencil Accents 

If you’re really feeling creative, you can put a touch of class and your unique artistic flair in strategic places. Use touches of your new fall color scheme for stylish and subtle accents with stencils. Michael’s at 675 6th Avenue has them, as does any Home Depot. 

#3 – Window Coverings

Brighten both your room and walls by making one quick change! If you have window blinds and/or curtains in the kitchen, try putting a fresh coat of your new color scheme around the window frame and leave your window bare. It will not only look great, but also give you plenty of light in your workspace. For new ideas visit NYC Trade Showroom at 1133 Broadway #824. 

#4 – Add Plants 

You just might be amazed at the difference a nice hanging plant or two can do to shape and recreate its surroundings. A plant gives any room a touch of humanity, mixed with an outdoorsy look – and has the added benefit of giving you some personal gratification. Afraid to hang something from the ceiling? You can also create a climbing garden for that back to nature vibe. For great houseplants try one of these 6 NYC plant shops.

#5 – Choose A New Fall Color Scheme 

Take a little time to decide what you want to do, but choosing a new color scheme for fall is a terrific idea! However, keep in mind that depending on how much you change, this can be a much more extensive DIY project than it sounds. Start with one room, like a bathroom. For some elegant ideas, visit the Elicyon website. 

#6 – Buy New Art for Your Walls 

Changing up the art or prints on your walls guarantees a complete reformation of your house. Plus, it gives you a good excuse to visit the art galleries you enjoy! Supporting local artists helps build the community, as well. Visit Jeffrey Deitch Art Gallery in Soho at 18 Wooster Street for a sophisticated touch of class. 

#7 – Change the Lighting

Different lighting options can give a room a whole different vibe, making it open and inviting. Try track lighting or faux lanterns or candles for an even cozier feel. This is a fantastic way to give your surroundings an entirely new look. Try O’Lampia Downtown at 155 Bowery for a great selection. 

#8 – Add a Piece of Antique Wood Furniture

For fall, wood is “in”. Add a piece of nice antique wood furniture, something elegant that adds some character and nostalgia. For some great vintage pieces, try Horseman Antiques in Brooklyn at 351 Atlantic Avenue.  

#9 – Reframe Pictures 

For a modification of your living room or other area, buy some new picture frames for your art. This can be a subtle change that makes a huge difference. Try Frames and Stretchers at 107 Suffolk Street #303 for a terrific selection. 

#10 – Change Hardware 

Changing something simple in a tasteful manner like cabinet door handles in your kitchen can give it a whole new appearance. Brothers Hardware at 26 West 38th Street has some good options, and has quality paint if you’re updating to a new color scheme! 

We hope you found some amazing ideas for interesting projects in the coming fall season, and incidentally, Happy Halloween from RealtyHop – your source for NYC homes and inspiration!

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